Drawing “The Burglary” (An Animation)

“Drawing the Burglary” an animation of a design evolving.

A drawing is really pure concentration. its an act of building up energy until you are absorbed in the expression of what you are seeing. Drawing IS pure Seeing. In many ways you enter into harmony with the idea in order to express it. Or more importantly, you enter in to harmony with the source from which the idea emanates.

In this quick animation of the demonstration I started with the pure structure of the idea, what I call the undergeometry. This is a way that many artists helped themselves to divide a two dimensional plane. From the ancient artists until the surrealists, this was an extremely important way to develop a work. It contained its own message. In the renaissance the masters even used musical proportion to evoke a perfect visual harmony.

In this drawing I am using a hexagonal motif around which to express the idea. This is a potent symbol for many reasons. Sometimes artists such as Botticelli or da Vinci used these forms to convey a deeper meaning. They used the “vesica pisces” , “gnomonic expansion”, or the “golden section” (also known as the divine section, golden proportion or rectangle) and many other forms such as pentagons, heptagons (or septagons) and octagons and a myriad of others. These forms can be found in classical sculpture and are abundant in the medieval cathedrals and contain special significance for their designers.

The cubists like Picasso, Braque and Gris stripped away all the flourish and beauty of imagery to reveal this inner structure. A bit like an anatomist tearing a body back to its bones. Picasso can be seen using simple geometric shapes such as triangles and circles in order to do this with the simplest first marks he makes on his paintings

But real beauty can be found in the crystalline inner structure of natures forms.

Visual Harmony and Musical Harmony are the same thing

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