(11) Justice at McArts Fort : The Sword of Truth

PlaceCard No.Date
Mc Arts Fort, Cave Hill, Ben Madigan, Belfast. “11”22 /12/20
Spiritual/Esoteric  refGaeilgeEytmological Root
The Cave and The walled circleDún MacAirt, Binn Uamha, Beann Mheadagáin Fort/Enclosure of the son of Art

words here

11: McArts Fort : The Sword of Truth 

 At first the city below
 Immersed in bright speckles
 Flickering jewels 
 A river of broken cubes 
 Brightness reflected
 On dancing crates
 Floating to the Lough. 
 Blinding winter morning light
 It’s hard even to look up 

 Through the branches 
 Reduced glare 
 A tumbling stream 
 A winding stair 
 Steps to the height
 Three and a half thousand. 
 Two stones in sight
 Between them You sit 
 The sword of Truth in Your Hand. 

 A veil of incline sweeps back
 I drop to my knees between
 The white lime pillars 
 I gaze into the hollow green.
 In the balance my life
 Beneath Your revelation.
 I in the mud. 
 The unfolded layers
 The criers and sayers

 Tell the eternal myth
 The epitome of the human race
 The belt of stars 
 The club of disgrace
 The beggar who steals
 From the garden and fields.
 You reach out both arms
 Offering the blade
 I receive, the gift from The Maid.

Extract from an email to LW…..

“I managed to make it up to Belfast before super lockdown 5 rolled into motion. Two reasons…. one to get collect delivery of a delayed but affordable piece of kitchen furniture from England at last, at the Argos there and another to visit Cavehill or as it is also known as (in it more nationalistic guise) …. McArts Fort ( Its also known too as Ben Madigan).   This is actually a spectacular spot worthy of any in Ireland ….a Rath placed on precipice over a stunning view of the city on the edge of Belfast lough. 

It’s a walk of three and a half kilometres up there through Cavehill country park but well worth it for the view and the spectacular cliffs. Laura certainly enjoyed the spectacular view too on the beautiful clear winters day. In a sense it was a treat before the restrictions came back, we felt very lucky indeed.“

The Approach

For some reason finding the best approach to McArts Fort was tricky. This felt weird because you can see it from almost every part of Belfast! The first trip in the summer when Laura and I approached it we ended up at Belfast Castle which was interesting though it had a number of the main rooms closed because of “the Covid”. But by the next trip we worked out that the best route was to go from the Crumlin road to the Ardoyne road and onto the Hightown Road, a high road out of Belfast that brought us up to Cave Hill Country Park  car park .   We certainly understood the significance of these road names from hearing so much dreadful news about Belfast during The Troubles over the years in the easy comfort of our southern Irish homes. But Violence from The Troubles came south of the border sometimes. A memory comes to mind……… to be contd  

Video about the site 


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