(21) Ailinne of Her World : Dún Ailline

Awaken! The Rain is Coming

(Featured Image upper Panel: “Awaken! The Rain is Coming” Study for Oil © S O’Dwyer 2019.   1.5 X 1m approx)

The Sun Palace at Dún Ailinne
The Sun Palace at Dún Ailinne
PlaceCard No.Date
Knockaulin Hill  Co.Kildare“21” 26 /11/20
Spiritual/Esoteric  refGaeilgeEytmological Root
The Sun Palace Dún AilinneFort/Enclosure of The “Ail” (stone)(of) “linn”
(generation or time, or course)
Site Details
The Dún of Ailline

 At Ailinne I searched for You 
 Aspect of You 
 A Colour or Hue of You
 Greeted there by your humble sentinel 
 Who hinted at burrows beneath your form
 Within which I find my mind mining 
 Reaching for the tunnels below.
 I found at Your fringes 
 An old hollow within which long stones lay.
 They thought they would conceal Your ancient doorway 
 Within the blackberry brambles.
 I broke through the hedgerow, 
 I ripped my clothes on the hawthorns needles
 (pierced are the present defences) 
 To find You there a golden branch in each hand
 You stood between three broken stones 
 It was Buirech that cast the “Ail of Alend” 
 Your gaze a spear aligned to its mark
 There You spoke and said 
 “I know each hill, rise or mount,
 every rock, every creature 
 between here and there. 
 Beyond I see them too
 I hold them in My stare
 In My perfect care.
 Now listen as the walls of My Dún
 Stir beneath your footsteps
 See those in the towers that once 
 surrounded Me and held in respect for Me
 Each word that came forth from My lips
 And followed all freely given advice.
 I am here, have always been 
 I always will be, 
 No matter those that mistreat Me 
 I am here as this high wide hill 
 Between three rocks 
 Eternally still
 Futile is their endeavour
 To rid themselves of their Princess
 For My kingdom is Eternal 
 And also too My reign
 Stand here with Me and gaze awhile.
 North South East and West.
 I see you all. 
 I listen to everyone
 I guide their journey.
 Outside, above, below and within this inner circle
 Outside, above, below and within each heart
 Throughout and beyond 
 From the centre to the edge of this
 Universe and through all others.
 My view is complete
 The past, present and future.
 My perfect plan for you 
 Is already drawn.
 We make our stand within our home horizon 
 To be mirrored on every planet 
 As every star shines warmth upon them 
 Like this I Love like light. 
 I say this not to fill you with awe 
 But so that you know and never doubt
 The reach of My world
 And The warmth of My Heart
 It is joined to yours and to the hearts of those
 Who have not yet loved me 
 But who will one day 
 Yearn for the reach of even My most distant gaze
 To the end of their days“.
The Golden Branch
The Golden Branch of Ailline (Digital Painting © S O’Dwyer 2020)

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